No more joint pain

I’ve been off grains since we saw each other. My joint pain is GONE! Even the pain in my low back is better! I no longer feel bloated and sluggish like I sometimes did. I am taking the supplements you prescribed daily and am feeling pretty good! Thank you so much for being of help to me! I am very grateful. Hope you’re enjoying the summer! Mandy

Relief from Anxiety

I'm in a really good place since the first time I had an energy session with you. I no longer suffer from anxiety and I feel like I finally gain control of my own life. I finally feel at peace with what has happen as a child and I feel like I can face anything that the world brings me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
RC, Ottawa

Much better!

Feeling much better now--Sue is fantastic!

Holistic Health

I truly enjoy the honesty of the staff and your open minded approach towards holistic health.

Doing well..

I am doing well - No lactose intolerance and allergies are gone!

Miracle worker!

Sue is a miracle worker! She resolved a health issue that had stymied conventional medicine.

Great results

They (Sue and Dom) both are very personable and good with both adults and children and yielded amazing results! :) I recommend their services whenever possible.

Gentle care

I commend you in your gentle and caring care-giving. You are utmost professional, I felt safe and loved in your care.


My life was very limited and I suffered a lot of pain. Due to their care (Shahram, Maria, Sue, Dominick) in each of their specialities, I have my life back. I am no longer taking two prescription medications. Pain control has improved my overall conditions. I am back to enjoying life again.

I can breathe again!

I was always short of breath, increased difficulty just going up the stairs. I was tested for allergies and it ended up I was allergic to multiple things including milk products and gluten. I was treated and now I started playing hockey and running again. I barely use my puffers, and I am rarely sick even though I work in hospital setting.

My Pain has gone!

Hello Sue and all the best in the new year!!
I have been feeling quite well and have been very active over the holidays. I have to say that I'm still working on my menu planning for a more balanced diet in the house but all in all I have been gluten free since I first saw you and I have realized that I have become much more sensitive to my bodies reactions to the slightest amount of deviance. I have been trying to get into a regular yoga routine since the new year and I am stretching everyday even if I'm not doing my whole regular routine. I am very grateful for having gone to see you and I have a very different outlook on my life these days. The desire was always there, I was just missing the answers. I'm grateful for your insight and am continuing to pursue a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercises (something I enjoy very much now that my joints are not always swollen). I cannot believe that I went so long in chronic pain and just put up with it. I will continue to consider how your clinic can help me in the future and I have passed the word on to many people.
P.S. even the slightest consumption of wheat has resulted in arthritic symptoms and I continue to enjoy a gluten free diet.

I have my life back!

Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me last summer. By early fall, my relatives told me I looked like I did before having my kids ie: I had lost my wheat belly (well most of it!) I eat only the things you helped me realize are good for me and have adopted a mostly Paleo diet - with some rice and quinoa, max once a day. My eyes have been opened and there is a whole world of delicious food out there! Thank you so much, Sue!!! Best regards,

Behavioural problems

My wife and I wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for my son. When we first came to you following a recommendation, our 6 year old son was a real handful. We were being called up to his school on a regular basis due to his aggressive & disruptive behaviour leaving us at the end of our tether.
My son was very unhappy and could not understand why he was acting that way and also why he was unable to control his impulses. You identified that he was sensitive to quite a few food groups and set about treating him. To be honest initially I was a little skeptical with the concept of the treatment involved but almost immediately saw an improvement.
A few months on and we now have ourselves a totally different child, he is so much happier in himself and even got a special mention in his school assembly for such a turn-around in his behaviour. He has always been a loving child with an inquisitive mind and a real thirst for knowledge, but I feel he is now free to realise his true potential. Thanks again,
Darren & Bonnie

Shellfish Allergy

I first started investigating kinesiology on the recommendation of my Occupational Health nurse at work to relieve symptoms of two intolerances (aspirin which has made me vomit since I was first given it about age 6; and shellfish which I'd only ever handled but not eaten which brought out a rash right up my arms).
Sue's number was given to me by the receptionist at my doctor's office. I haven't looked back since. Despite being skeptical about how on earth it could work I let Sue assess me, listen to my case history and then start to treat me. At the assessment appointment she correctly commented on things I suspected my body didn't like but I hadn't told her.
After a few treatments I was able to successfully take aspirin, and on holiday eat crab and lobster for the first time (after some basic home tests recommended by Sue for my peace of mind where I just touched a lobster shell at first, to double check that my body's reaction to it was now cleared).
I am so thrilled with the results and can't thank Sue enough. She also has a great relaxed manner which is professional, confident and friendly.

M.E. (Chronic Fatigue)

I had had M.E.(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 34 years with a wide variety of symptoms ranging from food intolerance, to extreme fatigue, debilitating aches and pains, noise and light sensitivity, sweating, muggy head and headaches etc and my quality of life was very poor. I had tried just about every complimentary therapy under the sun and spent a small fortune doing so, but nothing gave me any long lasting or permanent relief.
A nutritionist I had been seeing had heard that NAET had had some success with M.E. patients and suggested I might benefit. To be honest I think she was at a loss to know what to do with me next!
From the onset of treatment my symptoms began to recede and gradually disappear. I now lead a normal life. I don’t have M.E. any more. I go to yoga, tai chi, drive on the motorway, do gardening, go for long walks, am able to use the computer and next Christmas I am going to Australia, flying the outward journey by myself.
Sue is a very caring therapist and I would not hesitate to recommend her treatment

Irritable bowel syndrome

In 1999 I developed symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They began soon after taking a course of antibiotics that were prescribed to me after an operation on my shoulder. Over the next year my symptoms persisted and despite numerous medical tests and investigations no cause could be found.
It was at this point that a friend of mine suggested that my problems might be due to a food allergy. I asked my doctor what he thought but he gave the suggestion short shrift. Despite this rebuke I went along to a health food store where they carry out allergy tests. The practitioner said that I was highly allergic to yeast. After only 2 days of avoiding yeast I felt almost normal again. I continued this for the next 4 years during which I could control my symptoms but also found I was sensitive to other foods as well including dairy, beans, wheat and alcohol.
In 2003 I was introduced to Sue. She told me that she had studied NAET Allergy Therapy after it had really helped her with her allergy related problems. I was very skeptical but agreed to go ahead with the treatments. I had a number of treatments and found, to my amazement, that I could eat all the things that had been making me ill. Thank you!

No More Lumps!

Healing pets and animals - The Allergy Co We were called to see a horse which had been suffering for several years with hives or urticaria. He would come up in large wheals all over his body during most of the year. They only improved when the weather was consistently very dry or below freezing.
When we tested him we found the problem to be a reaction to moulds with an underlying emotional link to when he was separated from his mother for weaning. Over several weeks we treated him for moulds in the field, in his food, bedding, rugs and blankets. We also treated the underlying emotions. Once the mould and emotional issues were cleared he remained free from the hives for 3 years. They did then recur as there were some more emotional issues which surfaced and required treating. When cleared for these issues the hives disappeared and he became a much happier horse, gaining weight and condition.
Sue Taylor
(with the owner's permission)